About Me

I Speak a little about myself too!

I hail from the town of Salem in Tamil Nadu. My Father Usman Ali Khan is a retired collector and my mother is Habibonisha. I have two brothers and sisters and I am the last one in the family. I had my school education in two schools in Salem namely Bharatiya Vidyalaya and the Pavadi Boys High School. Continued my collegiate education in Government Arts College, Salem with Physics as my major subject. All of the male members in my family are working as Government officers and even the husband of my elder sister is a Senior Manager in the Salem Steel Plant.

Entry Into Music World:

 I met Mr.A.R.Rahman and he very warmly took me into the world of music. I worked with him for a continuous period of 14 long years and achieved great things in the world of music apart from emerging as a noted and conspicuous “Cinema Music Director”. At this juncture, mention has to be made that I worked under Mr.A.R.Rahman for the music of many films from 1996 to 2010. The film “Roja” by its beautiful and melodious songs fused with high degree of superior sound technology inspired me to a great extent for making of meticulous music tracks in the cinema field. Now I have assumed the status of a full fledged and recognized Music Director.

Reached Heights In The Field Of Music:

With the guidance and encouragement parted away by my Guru Mr.A.R.Rahman, I could succeed in music making endeavors for many a films like Vamsam, Ettan, “Ayiram Muthangaludan Thenmozhi”, Mallukattu, Kaliyugam, Suvasame, Adithalam, Gnanakirukkan, Athuvera Ithuvera etc. Discussions are on for other new projects and fondfully I hope to succeed in all of them with the grace of God.

 In addition to the music making for Tamil and Telegu films, I am also at it, in making special albums such as “Thaipaal” with the Pectry written by pavalar Arivumathi in which many famous actors have contributed their voices. This album has been exclusively made for the welfare of the Tamilian Children all over the world. The objective of this album is to safeguard the dwindling traditions and culture of the country, to create awareness on the emaciated condition of Tamil Language and to find out a way to form a healthy future for the kids.

Likewise, whenever I visit a school in connection with a function, I make out a very good song, sometimes based on cine – tunes also, but sure to deliver an apt and appropriate concept most useful to the students and their future. Such songs are made in a year to the extent of three or four in numbers.


While making a remark in appreciation of my attitude and performance in the music field, Mr.Vali, the bard of Tamil World said Tajnoor is not Tajnoor but “Kohimoor”. Mr.Vairamuthu has once said that I am “Yelaikalin A.R.Rahman”. These two bards are associated with me with utmost grace and friendship.


 I owe my gratitude to my Guru Mr.A.R.Rahman for shaping me as a good musician and for securing me an important place in the world of music. I cannot forget his word of preaching that “One should live basically as a good man, then all good things would confer on him naturally, and the efforts taken by him would also succeed in full”. I am highly indebted to my best friend Thamilvel who helped me by providing shelter to stay at Chennai and all other assistances while I was working and taking multimedia training in Chennai in the early years. Now he is working as a scientist in the Baba Atomic energy commission in Mumbai.

My Future Aim:

 I have got great attachment to Tamil Culture Attributed to the smell of the soil. I would like to make awareness on several things useful to the Society through the world of music. It is my humble notion that music should invariably stand for the promotion of ‘Peace and Amity’ on the earth, should invigorate ‘Divine Thoughts’ and should also create ‘Mental Agility With Equanimity’ and in all it should prevail upon for the peaceful human welfare.