Short Intro


I owe my gratitude to my Guru Mr.A.R.Rahman for shaping me as a good musician and for securing me an important place in the world of music. I cannot forget his word of preaching that “One should live basically as a good man, then all good things would confer on him naturally, and the efforts taken by him would also succeed in full”. I am highly indebted to my best friend Thamilvel who helped me by providing shelter to stay at Chennai and all other assistances while I was working and taking multimedia training in Chennai in the early years. Now he is working as a scientist in the Baba Atomic energy commission in Mumbai.

Basically I am a Computer Engineer and I had a natural inclination towards quality of Sound Technology and Music. And this prompted me subsequently to take up to Multimedia. As the first appointment, I joined duty at Sterling Computers Ltd in Chennai as Computer Engineer. After office hours that is after 5.00 pm in the evening I attended multimedia classes in ‘Apple Mac’ at a cost of Rs.1,00,000/-.

The project that I did in the Apple Mac was adjudged as the best and it stood at first. Only at this time, the world of music, enters into computer purview that is from that of “Tape to Digital”. Till March 1995, I was making courtesy visits to my respectful ‘Guru’ Mr.A.R.Rahman. In the mean while my marriage was fixed in the year 1996 and Rahila Begum became my beloved wife. Incidentally I have twin – Daughters by name Sumaiya and Sofia and one son N.M.Akthar After my marriage, about a month later, I received a communication from Mr. A.R.Rahman to meet him urgently.